We are all individuals in a global network now. We want to choose who and what to connect to and how.

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

No matter where you live, what you do, where you are going to, you are most likely in contact with screens. Mobile, computer, consoles, etc. These need the right signals and information so you can quickly and easily find your way around them.

Our Design & Development Process

We have a different approach to how to get the right experience. Where most companies ‘define’ immediately what should be the core, we like to…explore, research. Because we all remember the Turtle and the Hare, no? 

Strategy & Roadmap.

It is important that whoever is the ’employer’/’contract’ for the app or game, there is clarity about the process and milestones.

Visual & UX Design

Humans have eyes, most of the time. But what if not? What if all you have is the ability to respond to haptics or audio? We cover that.


By current standards, Scrum and Agile are common words in development. For many it isn’t really interesting which way it is build, just that the quality is there and no ‘hidden problems’ come afterwards.

Launch & Monitor

They say, there is no ‘informing to early’, we disagree. When you want a good to perfect launch, the moment of delivering information to your audience is very important. Too early and people might see that little bug of the prerelease and give 1 negative comment online. It will take you a 1000 hours more to prove that the app is great.

What We Build For


Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




Case Studies

Bean there


Bean there is a platformer with a quirk. Where most platformers are about finding the exit. Sometimes simply staying alive is difficult enough.

Alpha test • Releasedate 2020


Pockethole Screws App

Productivity, Business

If you are a handyman, you are fully aware of the risks you run into when working on a Maritime project. Where you need to get the right type of screw, with the right coating, right length, right line and head.

130+ Downloads • Avalailable now


What We Offer

What we offer isn’t limited to games or apps. We can create IT infrastructures, Advertisement material, Audio and video presentations, and more.

Mobile App Development

We build apps from a library of ideas we have created, as well as on demand for others.

Roadmap & Strategy

Our current roadmap is based on a combination of shortterm deliverables and longterm investments. Our strategy is to become large for many, not one gold medal.

Backend & API Development

Our team can develop as they call it ‘fullstack’. The expensive name for datastorage, dataprocessing and datacollecting. This can be on clientside, client-server or fully server-side (with web frontend).

User Centric Experiences

We have jumped our score often by making the difference in approach. Many competitors say they want a user centric approach, but go wrong when they try to ‘show how the tool will tell the user…’…what? No!

WorldClass Support

With a growing international team, we are representing our products, your products, with quality and indepth knowledge.

Data backups

Backups are important. Not just for companies, but basically for anyone who values digital ‘memories’. 

Product Updates

If our understanding of evolution has taught us one thing, it is that everything changes. Not just biologically, or cosmic, but also in our won ‘development eco-systems’. Requirements change, rules change, functions change. So we adapt and update.

Award Winning quality

By making sure that the communication is straight forward, expectations are managed and results are of the highest quality.

BlockChain Intergration

Security frst. By division we conquer. using blockchain solutions, we make sure the best current security measures and data integrity is ensured.

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